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Introduce me

Introduce me to

one I did long time ago...

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"Oh I'm Impressed! "

this is the impression that gives to me...

What do I mean? nothing at all... maybe I'm just vain and empty

WoHOw to call it?

sweet dreams are made of this...

who am I to disagree?

it was some day

mi estado de animo...

era un dia de mi[...]

my state of mind with a traveler smile...
a traveler smile took away a day of sh[..Publicar mensagem.]

you're so free | I'm so free

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Caricaturas! - hermanitos

Fidel: this is my old broh... I did it after I made a "self-portrait" and I was talking to him do I decided to make one of him too! and so my younger brother.

*Português: meu irmão mais velho, fi-lo depois de fazer um "auto-retrato" e como falava com ele decidi fazer um dele e do meu irmão mais novo!

*Español: mi hermano mayor. hice este dibujo despues de dibujar un "autoretrato" y como hablaba con el decidi hacer uno de el tambien y de mi hermano menor.

Ekei: my younger brother! they are both bigger/taller than me T.TI'm going to make my mon and dad! mwahahahahahaha! .... ok not funny.

*Português: meu irmão mais novo, os dois são maiores e mais altos do que eu T.T ... vou fazer da minha mãe e do meu pai.

*Español: mi hermano menor, los dos son mas grandes/ altos que yo T.T ... hare a mi mama y a mi papa.


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shoulder dance!

my meez thing ^^

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Green Diary - Stay in touch

One, two,One, two.
I walked around for hours, two ten pence pieces in my hand.
I was alone and freezing, still trying hard to understand you.
I left the others knowing I had to work this by myself.
But now the feeling's growing, I would be better off with their help.
So baby,
what we've got,
has lately,
not been enough, not been enough.
I wish I had your scarf still, that once embraced,and kept me warm.
I wish you could be with me, in these last days when I am still hopelessly poor.
Stay out of trouble,
stay in touch.
Try not to think about me too much.

Stay out of Troubles - Kings of convenience.

Green Diary - Toxic Girl

page F9:

In the sky the birds are pulling rain
In your life the curse has got a name
Makes you lie awake all through the night
That's why
She's intoxicated by herself
Everyday she's seen with someone else
And every night she kisses someone new
Never you
You're waiting in the shadows for a chance
Because you believe at heart that if you can
Show to her what love is all about
She'll change
She'll talk to you with no one else around
But only if you're able to entertain her
The moment conversation stops she's goneAgain

Toxic Girl - Kings of Convenience.
I love those guys ^^ - 1687.

Green Diary - She said

page F8:

"I know what it's like to be dead, I know what it is to sad"She said - the Beatles.


Green Diary - is this love?


How come? she says .
I tried to make her look like some kind of Geisha. hum... well the point is that I also made her a tatoo... can geishas have a tatoo? Anyway she is asking "how come?" how can she be in love as she tried to make herself a hardcore.
there is some Japanese character -"ai" which means love - 1687.

note: I'm not in love I am happily/unhappily free of heart.

Green Diary - I like your bass

page F6:
I like you bass, your beat it's nice - Hell yes -Beck.
actually I don't know why I remember about this song while doing this draw... she doesn't looks like a "hell yes" person >.< -1587.

Green Diary - Bezzi?

page F5:

"ele é italiano, ele é japones [...] seu cabelo é tão bonito, sua franja tão legal, eu adoro a sua camisa, vc é o maioral" - Bezzi - Cansei de ser sexy
Blah - 1587.

Green Diary - I wanna be your dog

page F4:
I just wanna be your dog! - Emilie Simon.
actually I'd like to comment about dogs in music ^^
there are two other songs where people asume to be a dog
"Skipe Divide" - Thom Yorke: "When you walk in a room I follow you 'roundLike a dog I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a lapdog, I'm your lapdog, yeah"
"No 1" - Goldfrap: "coz you're my number 1 I'm like a dog to get you" - this one realease another point x.x the one songs

Green Diary - Music is my hot hot sex

page F3:
Music is my hot sex -Cansei de Ser Sexy

Green Diary - Secret Heart

page F2:
Secret heart
What are you made of
What are you so afraid of
Could it beThree simple words
Or the fear of being overheard
What's wrong
Let her in on your secret heart
Secret Heart
Why so mysterious
Why so sacred
Why so serious
Maybe you're
Just acting tough
Maybe you're just not man enough
What's wrong
Let her in on your secret heart
This very secret
That you're trying to conceal
Is the very same one
You're dying to reveal
Go tell her how you feel
Secret heart come out and share it
This loneliness, few can bear it
Could it have something to do with
Admitting that you just can't go through it alone
Let her in on your secret heart
This very secret
That you're trying to conceal
Is the very same one
That you're dying to reveal
Go tell her how you feel
This very secret
Go out and share it
This very secret
Secret heart - Feist
I was thinking about this song while I made this - 1587.

Green Diary - the beginning of the end

page F1:

this is when I went inspired to fill the diary for once - 1587.

Green Diary - wind

page 31:
- Travessa do Bairro do Hospital, Funchal. I was waiting the taxi... this is an imaginary woman... she wasn't there... then I felt like trying to draw "the environment" - 187.

Green diary - music me

page 29:
I was listening to Beck at the Bank... the bank it's probably one of the most boring places in the world... ahhh money.... - 187.

Green Diary - Killing Time

page 28:

I was at the movies when I drew this.
all I know it's that I was feeling creepy >.< - 2577.

Green Diary - one of the half

page 27:

not much to say about this one, it's just a female with red hair - I forgot putting the date on this one...

Green Diary - 46

page 26:

-"Who is you?" it's a different question from "who are you?", so who is this you?

let's call it 46 shall we? this is really the sheet number 46... I just change the numbers I won't submit the whole diary it's too stupid... There is an illustration every page but... the ones I'm not posting are less interesting than this - 2477.

Green Diary - the yeah

page 25:

"Bang Bang yeah! I've made it".... I'm quite sure I was really bored when I made this and I also sure I wasn't that amused... - 2377.

Green Diary - sunset

page 24:

I remember it was a rainny day.
need to feel free, don't know how... stop coffeing... need a good movie - who says that I was apreciating the vain sunset? - 2277.

Green Diary - Waiting

page 22:

waiting for what? . I've got this wrong kind of blue - 2277.

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Green Diary - Black Milk

page 23:

Black Milk - Massive Attack - 2277

Green Diary - it was a ranny day

page 21:
it was a ranny day... - 2277.

Green Diary - Gray sky

page 20:

It was a rainny day, I enjoy rainny days. I was all alone at my friend's house and I watched "pulp fiction" so I tried to draw "Mia" of course this one doesn't look like her at all.
I was listening calexico - blood flow - yay what a music!
there are also some backward frase on this page - 2277

Green diary - hey!

page 19:

I was studying maths but it's really hard for me to concentrate on studies, so I started to draw this character again but I made up an storie as if he were on vacations or something. yeah! laugh of me I'm stupid and nuts! xD And I don't care! (well sometimes I do care)

Green Diary - Little "I" in me.

page 18:

This is a character I made while I was studying. it's little and drinks lots of coffee. I created it somewhere in June but I drew her in the diary later - 877.

Green Diary - Me?

page 16:
This is supossed to be me xD.
ps: "I hate coincidences" - well not really ^.~ - 877.

Green Diary - Told ya!

page 15:

No comment at all. just me talking to myself I guess. - 2377.
there are a few words pages before:

And then my memories became in the future

There is this people who lives in the future.
Like paper bags they are you know, like paper bags

Green Diary - "SoulAche"

page 13:
Not enough courage to screw this one like the last one - "did you" - 2657

Green Diary - crap

pag 12:

"she was heartache from the momment that you met her" - Jeff Buckley - Forget her ( my favourite song of*) - I made a little sketch of a girl ( may 25 or 26 )a just didn't like it so I wrote and drew over it (July 10) - 57* 1077*

Green Diary - Good bye

page 11:

Good bye to a feeling I guess... (yeah I don't guess I'm sure). anyway I was at the class room when I did this, I was supossed to be doing some "data base" yikes ( well it doesn't yikes like that).
there are some frases on the draw:
*backwards : "Angel... I can see myself in your eyes" - Blonde Redhead - Elephant Woman
* "still around, not safe" - those are mine
I also submited this draw. it looks the same just a few more words:
* "realize good bye...set "it" free... from wherever it comes "
- 2457.

Green Diary - it!

page 10:

"she is changing her name from Kittie to Karen" - Cake - I can't remember the right name ... humm short skirt long jacket? - and then it says "it's not about it" - that's a personal comment, can you figure out what is "it". cya! - 2557

Green Diary - awwes

page 9:

number 9, number 9....... actually it's not page 9. no notes about it. I also painted it and post it as "missing who?"---> http://lisf.deviantart.com/art/Missing-who-57361787 - 2257.

Green Diary - Oh well

page 8:
Oh well... again I was listening to Fiona Apple -2257.

Green Diary - meeting

page 7:

I made a coloured version of this ^^ I publish them with all the rusty thing I've made. most of them came from the diary - 2257.

Green Diary - NO!

page 6:

An idea came to me and I put it on the diary. yes well sometimes thoughts get bigger than they should. I made an illustration about this using photoshop and post it on -----> http://lisf.deviantart.com/art/Bad-Thoughts-57356654 I call it "Bad thoughs" - 2257.

Green Diary - Killing flowers!

page 3:
"Oh you silly stupid past time of mine" - Fiona Apple - Parting Gift

Green Diary - Fransh!

page 2:

Fransh it's a creature that eats flowers... it has some personal meaning yup or maybe not - 2157.

Green Diary - 1

page 1:
"And it isn't the red we painted is just rust... " Fiona Apple - Tymps .

first page of my Green Diary, the character there is called Rusty some people say it's dog's name... lol I don't care. - 2157.

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pedaço de quarto

pedaço do meu quarto, piece of my room, yeps it's something stupid what've wrote but... what else? ahhh! yeah... why do I use english instead of portuguese? ---> let's blame it on globalization shall we?


I took this picture 2 or 3 months ago... I don't really like my pictures so I photoshop it ^^

DIARY: Let it Go

Just a "for example"
I've decide to post pages from my diary, here I go, 1 page... it's not the first and it's not the last... it's just a random page from my "first" diary (I'm not quite sure if I should call it first); the red diary. Recently I've finished my second diary. the green one ^^ I make the names by the colour they have. All my diaries must use black and red roller markers yay! Call me crazy but I hate blue pens >.< .