domingo, 20 de julho de 2008


if it has too many resemblances with any existing character please let me know :| I did not use or base in any other character at all.... hummm but sometimes... 8D anyway here she is!

... And a close up xD

I might use her for something hummmmm.....

sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2008

you've been raining

I Draw/Paint and I wake up

quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2008


smells like the last! :D

I want to sleep... but I'm sure I'll do that.... today at 6 pm xD after cleaning my room... and organizing my space so I can finally breath peace... awes.... :3


chanan! I must tell that:

-the background image it's not mine.... a friend found it on internet ( I apologize)
- the "director" of the animation it's not myself alone...
- the use of "anime" style simplify the animation giving expressibility and also saves me time
- I'm supposed to be a programer not an animator.... and everybody knows... programmers are lazy.....
- I want to dance "grace" ..... O___O


MMHU-HU-HU * Lisf laugh meanly * KYA-HA-HA!

I'm having fun.... :3 I wonder if my bed misses me xD

no time to do better XD


quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

what's grunny

what's grunny it's an expression I use to ask what's wrong xD but when I decide to post this I went to investigate what is it... really... here there are the definitions.... xD

1 - Grunny (NOUN) - A fictional animal on Name is a combination of "Green" and "bunny" which describes the grunny's appearence. Grunnies carry a poison that, when injected into humans through a bite, can make them into Grunny Zombies (Grombies)

2 - something that is equally gross and funny.

3 - A slothlike creature, often found in front of a computer.


a little animation for colleague project (!!!) xD I kinda suck... :3

terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2008

Ahhhhh! real computers! - CLICK ME, CLICK ON ME

:3 little animation for homework..... I mostly don't like what I do but I actually liked this few... seconds? frames? xD

Oh noes! there are some flash control visible >_<

sábado, 12 de julho de 2008


note: not all I draw is how I feel but empathy :3

quinta-feira, 10 de julho de 2008

Tu saltaste/Yo me quede viendo

Yo salté tu te quedaste viendo... una frase del ayer :3 que quiere decir muchas cosas que pueden significar hoy

Another quick painting while waiting for renders.....

Ò__Ó estupidos renders!

Gone There

Got the inspiration from mushi-shi the animated serie: original, beautiful, lovely!

and because fog is beautiful!!! *O* and so is rain mwahahahahahaha

quick painting with photoshop, done while waiting for the renders (3D animation work for school)... renders can be such a pain.... >.<
once again....