quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2008


chanan! I must tell that:

-the background image it's not mine.... a friend found it on internet ( I apologize)
- the "director" of the animation it's not myself alone...
- the use of "anime" style simplify the animation giving expressibility and also saves me time
- I'm supposed to be a programer not an animator.... and everybody knows... programmers are lazy.....
- I want to dance "grace" ..... O___O

3 comentários:

Waldir disse...


it's making less and less sense every next episode... i'm starting to regret having asked for a sequel... :-O

Lisf disse...

those aren't episodes xD .... those are just clips :P anyway... I don't have time to give it sense eaither :3 I'm glad for the visit all thou you've been only demanding and demanding stuff xD this is my fisrt production for god's sake hohohoho

eka disse...

jajajajaja xD

me gusta mucho ese monito rojo!! xO tan reclamón que es!! está bonito! me gustan los ciclos que tienes, son super sencillos, pero se ven bastante bien! =D