quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

what's grunny

what's grunny it's an expression I use to ask what's wrong xD but when I decide to post this I went to investigate what is it... really... here there are the definitions.... xD

1 - Grunny (NOUN) - A fictional animal on GaiaOnline.com. Name is a combination of "Green" and "bunny" which describes the grunny's appearence. Grunnies carry a poison that, when injected into humans through a bite, can make them into Grunny Zombies (Grombies)

2 - something that is equally gross and funny.

3 - A slothlike creature, often found in front of a computer.

2 comentários:

eka disse...

cositas más lindas!!!! y está boen fluido! buen trabjo lisf!! =D

Waldir disse...

very well! :) I like it. But where is the sound? ;)

ps - is there a sequel?...