terça-feira, 10 de junho de 2008

skiping homeworks - part IV

Strong Sex - Belle Chase Hotel

no lyrics for this one U__U I can't find them since this is not a popular band <3>

Few words - Myself

This is the very second one I made like this... I finally put the wacom pen away U__U.
I can't believe the way I waste my time, I'm never gonna learn the lesson xD NEVER!


este es exactamente el segundo que hice... finalmente guarde la wacom
no puedo creer como pierdo el tiempo, nunca aprendere la lección xD NUNCA!


Automatic Stop - The Strokes

So many fish there in the sea
I wanted you, you wanted me
That's just a phase it's got to pass
I was a train moving too fast

Didn't understand what to see
Yeah, then I got a different view
It's you...no.

Wait, I'm gonna give it a break.
I'm not your friend,
I never was.
I said wait, I'm gonna give it a break.
I'm not your friend,
I never was.

3 comentários:

erika disse...

liiisf! que lindos tus dibujos! me gustan mucho esos contrastes negros, blancos, rojos! <333 eres tan capa! <33

Waldir disse...

[regarding belle chase hotel] well, you could write down the lyrics yoursef! then they'd be available somewhere on the net... ;)

nice blog! I just found it by googling "lisf", you didn't tell me about it! I like it a lot... btw would you CC-license this one? :D

Lisf disse...

To Waldir:
I would but I don't have time ( I'm lazy) :P I'll do it in future actually I find interesting to get the lyrics on my on MWAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA o__o já linkei o teu blog a este... :)